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Colposcopes by Wallach, Bovie Medical and Seiler

Colposcopes - Find brochures and product information on colposcopy machines for the GYN Office and Surgery Centers. We have colposcopes for sale by Wallach, Bovie Medical and Seiler.  Browse our store for these units that are affordable, with great LED optical quality that relates to brightness, clarity, and an evenly illuminated images. They all have a wide range of zoom or fixed magnification including some with stepped magnification while others have a continuously variable mechanism. There are various mounting options including a balanced swing arm stand, pedestal type stands and even over-the-shoulder mounting options. The eyepieces are comfortable with diopter adjustments for visual correction of myopia (short sightedness) and hypermetropia (long sightedness). Focal length is usually fixed, although in some may be variable to allow the colposcopist to be optimally positioned for the procedure. Each unit is equipped with good even light and green filter. Optional accessories include live images and video camera with digital formats.