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Medical Microscopes - Compounding, Office, Laboratory Grade and More

  • Microlux IV Compound Microscope - MLX817

    Microlux IV Compound Microscope - MLX817

    Microlux IV Compound Microscope - MLX817 - Seiler Documentation: Microlux IV: Details The Microlux IV is our most versatile compound microscope with optional video or digital configurations as well as Phase Contrast, LED, Simple Polarization, and...

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  • Booth Medical - SeilerScope SXS820

    SeilerScope Office Microscope SXS820

    Seiler SeilerScope Compound Scope SKU: SXS820 Documentation: The SeilerScope is Seiler Microscope’s best selling entry level microscope. Standard 4x,10x,40x,and 100x(oil) achromat lenses are perfect for most offices or learning institutions. The...

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  • Booth Medical - Westlab III Microscope

    Westlab III Compound Microscope - WLB814

    Westlab III Compound Semi-Plan Microscope - WLB814 Documentation: Westlab III: Details Reasonably priced routine task microscope gives all the standard features of more expensive microscopes. Some of those features  include 6V 20W...

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