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Tuttnauer Sterilizer - LabSci and Hospital Sterilizers

There are additional options offered in Tuttnauer's product line in North America for hospitals, surgery centers, and lab research environments. These pre & post vacuum sterilizers are perfect for any facility with responsibility for sterilizing liquids, glassware, and surgical instruments, porous loads, and more. The broad product line showcases everything from a fully-featured portable stand-alone autoclave to compact machines built for small, narrow spaces on up to larger sterilizers for high volume needs. Despite the high quality of the stainless steel exterior, these sterilizers are dependable and affordable. The pressure vessel is guaranteed for 15 years.

Models include the complete product line of LabSci Lab and Scientific autoclaves, 5075HSG Pre and Post Vacuum Class B Sterilizers, and Tuttnauer 4472 and 5596 Laboratory and Healthcare Series Steam Autoclaves.