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Market Forge Autoclaves and Sterilizers

The Market Forge Sterilmatic STM-E, STM-EL, and STM-ED are very well known, reliable and easy to operate sterilizers used within the Food Processing, Industrial, Laboratory, Cannabis Labs, and Veterinary environments. The Market Forge sterilizer offers a large chamber size to hold glassware, liquids, rubber products, and any other instrument or material requiring sterilization.

Market Forge sterilizers are known for their fast and efficient startup time. From a cold start, items are ready to be sterilized in 8 minutes, and from a warm start, it only takes 4 minutes to begin a new sterilization cycle. The self-sealing and self-aligning chamber door on the Sterilmatic autoclave remains closed and will not open until the pressure is released when the sterilization cycle finishes. The unit will shut off and exhaust the steam automatically. Using the easy to read controls on the front of the Sterilmatic autoclave, an operator can adjust the cycle time, the exhaust cycle time and the chamber temperature. Also included is a low water indicator, pressure gauge, and temperature gauge.